FK Youth Mentoring Network is a youth-led mentoring hub for research, tools and resources. The Network is a non-profit organization, member based organization focusing on youth development and empowerment through entrepreneurship. We bring together young persons without distinction of race, sex, religion, tribe, level of education or any other form...

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on quality in mentorship was demonstrated through achieving different recognitions and maintaining the standards of mentorship.
Over the years we have mentored over 300 young person’s both directly and indirectly in the different parts of the world .Together with our mentors and partners we have built a culture of continuous improvement to always ask ourselves how we could do things better. This helps us to be very dynamic and agile and able to meet changing requirements of Mentorship.

What Our Successfull Mentees Say

A member of Agrisource, one of the groups mentored by the network shared an insight how the mentorship program had impacted her and her group through the consistent advice and guidance given by their mentor, Farid Karama. This group of Agribusiness students has come out of their comfort zone to start processing honey which has inspired their classmates to start business ventures as well.

Ms. Sarah Ataliba

~A member of Agrisource~

He joined the network in April 2016 after winning free mentorship for a year during the 2nd FKYMN breakfast meeting. In a space of 6 months, Vincent who is the current president of Makerere University Entrepreneurship Students’ Association has been able to impact fellow youth at the University with the knowledge he acquired from the network and also start his venture in adding value to produce.

Mr. Ojara Vicent

~ Entrepreneur ~


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Message From The Founder - Karama Farid

Karama Farid

I used to attend various meetings where I would meet professionals who had great experience but no platform to share their experiences and guide youth who had similar aspirations. I realized that there is a lot of knowledge out there but just a shortage of asking for help. That’s when the idea of starting a youth mentorship platform popped up. It has been an exciting journey, having personally mentored youth in the network and seen their ideas grow in viable and sustainable businesses.

FKYMN nurtures youth who have any idea and make them great by supporting them to exploit their full potential. As we learn and build our futures together, we have decided to set unique and innovative ideas for youth in Entrepreneurship, personal development and Agriculture and over the years and this has enabled us to grow into a platform that gives the best possible opportunity to play an increasingly visible, sustainable and effective role in achieving long term benefits for youth through business development. With a diverse portfolio of services that include Mentorship, Personal Development, Incubation, Youth savings, Entrepreneurship, Trainings as well as Youth in Agribusiness.

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